Proof of Delivery Assistant - Logistic Software

PODSist™ - Proof of Delivery Assistant

Real time updates - your Delivery Status reports arrive every 15 minutes on your desktop!

Easily understandable information includes the following events*:

  • Booked in - Date and time of booked in for delivery.
  • Out for delivery - Date and time of consignment loaded on to a delivery vehicle.
  • POD (Proof of Delivery) - Name of signatory, date and time of delivery.
  • Damaged POD - Reason for damage, date and time.

Once the delivery has been made, you receive your Proof of Delivery which includes the final Delivery Status report and a scanned copy of the signed delivery note.

No telephone enquires needed about your consignment - you save money every single day!

* Reports available in .pdf or .odt format

For more information, contact or phone 01788 523800 and speak to Wayne Russell